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Black History Month Day 22: National Society of Black Engineers

Black History Month Day 22: National Society of Black Engineers

We’re on to day 22 of Black History Month and today we celebrate the National Society of Black Engineers, Ghana (NSBE).

The National Society of Black Engineers is an NGO with its operational base in the United States. Originally set up to increase the pool of black engineers in the States, the organisation has expanded its reach by opening other independent regional chapters. In Ghana, the Society currently has chapters across our various institutions such as Accra Polytechnic, University of Ghana, Ghana Telecom University and KNUST.

The NSBE in Ghana organise public engagement activities with schools and run projects in rural communities such as water pump repairs in villages, building water filtration units and making provision for long term storage of crops through innovation. They also support other projects such as RISE, the annual robotics competition and have organised annual Sci-Tech fairs in the past. The various chapters also organise workshops on campus to equip members with skills, encourage creativity and innovation whiles promoting networking.

Engineering remains one of the careers with a skills shortage so with societies like the NSBE showcasing engineering at the various chapters and through their community engagement projects, other young observers will be encouraged to follow suit and for this, the National Society of Black Engineers, Ghana have earned their place in our history book.


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