February 19, 2018
International Science News

Week In STEM-21 Nov

November 19, 2015 Editor

Heart rate tracking with the use of smartphone An MIT group project called BioPhone is doing research that involves biological signals from a smartphone’s accelerometer. In their approach, motion sensors would recover heart and breathing […]


Why Blood Is Not Always Red

November 18, 2015 Hephzi Angela

Imagine if you cut yourself and saw purple blood gush out of your skin. Now that’ll be the start of an alien invasion or another sign of the end times. If you’re lucky to have […]

International Science News

Week In STEM-14 Nov

November 16, 2015 Editor

Adaptive spider glue remains sticky come rain or shine Scientists in the US may have untangled thereason why spiders’ webs remain sticky no matter how humid or arid their local environment is. A salt–protein mixture […]


SHAPEgh Presentation Skills Workshop [Pics]

November 15, 2015 Editor

Day 2 of 3 and it was SHAPEgh presentation skills. Our Google Reach Volunteers led the JHS pupils  through a series of activities putting across the essentials of presentation skills, poster design and data collection. […]


SHAPEgh Personal Skills Workshop [Pics]

November 15, 2015 Editor

To equip the JHS students with necessary skills to fully benefit from the experience that is the #SHAPEgh project, we had 5 volunteers form the Google Reach programme lead a workshop on personal skills such […]


Clean Cookstoves Conference 2015 [Pics]

November 14, 2015 Editor

Between November 10th – 13th, experts, entrepreneurs and budding enthusiasts from all over the world gathered at the Alisa Hotel located in the heart of Ghana’s capital, Accra for the Clean Cooking Forum 2015 on […]

International Science News

Week In STEM-7 Nov

November 9, 2015 Editor

SUPER GLASS MATERIAL  ALMOST AS STRONG AS STEEL To make super-strong glass, the researchers have long set their sights on alumina, an oxidized version of aluminum that happens to possess some of the strongest chemical […]